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The Wolf Among Us Episode 1 – “Faith” ()
January 22, 2014 -

Telltale took the narrative roleplaying elements of the point and click, and gave the player more vested interest in their character having players make seemingly meaningful choices as Lee in the Walking Dead game, while still allowing the story to progress in a consistent way. This well executed role playing experiment has been continued and iterated on in The Wolf Among Us, and Telltale shows that their new style was not a one hit wonder.

State of Decay (PC) ()
November 28, 2013 -

Once again we find ourselves returning from a trip into nature and all hell has broken loose. Zombies are everywhere… Read More »

Worms Clan Wars ()
September 13, 2013 -

Worms Clan Wars brings us back to the 2D fun that was Worms. Clan Wars, like the name entails, focuses… Read More »

Guncraft ()
August 19, 2013 -

Because ‘Minecraft’ is an insanely popular game, a lot of voxel-based clones have emerged with various features, which the Mojang title did not have. Some of them contained guns, especially ‘Ace of Spades’ that came on Steam not so long ago.

Face Noir ()
July 24, 2013 -

Face Noir came up with some interesting ideas for its control interface and it has some reasonable quality in art, music and gameplay logic. But its narrative is sluggish and often gets the player wound up in rather awkward puzzles.