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Game Info

GAME NAME: Worms Clan Wars

DEVELOPER(S): Team 17 Software

PUBLISHER(S): Team 17 Software


GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): August 15, 2013

Worms Clan Wars brings us back to the 2D fun that was Worms. Clan Wars, like the name entails, focuses on online play with members of your “clan”. Most of the newer features of the game are focused on this aspect. Once you form your clan you can use the chat board to talk to one another and check everyone’s stats. You can also make your clan ClanWarsMenuopen to the public or private only and invite only those that you want involved. Destroying Worms is the name of the game. Do you have what it takes to make the best clan?

There are three gameplay options to choose from at the start screen. You can either select Local Play, Online Multiplayer, or Clan Wars. Local Play and Online Multiplayer both speak for themselves and it is really Clan Wars that creates some new interest in the franchise. You can get together with members of your own clan and do battle with members of opposing clans. Clans will be ranked and put in different divisions so you can battle for the top!

Gameplay remains true to the previous iterations of the game in that it is turn based and you have a selection of weapons to use. Everyone gets placed in order for their turns and that order continues through the entire game. So picking your attacks and adjusting based on your opponents makes for some interesting games.

Movement and basic controls are retained from the 2D worms games. You can move in any direction on the 2D plane. Jet-packs and water-packs enable you to cover large amounts of the map in short spurts and also create new hazards with the water-pack. Old items such as the sheep and the holy hand grenade make their returns as well as some newer items make their first time appearance in a 2D worms game.

Gameplay overall stays true to the Worms Franchise. The game ends when there is 1 worms team left standing or time runs out. You can kill the other team by knocking them off the stage into water or depleting their health to zero and causing them to self detonate.Chaining together deaths and completely eliminating teams in 1 fell swoop can be one of your strategies or you can strategically knock enemies into one another as they are dying to cause a chain explosion and send as many worms to their death as possible.

The only real sound effects to worry about in this game are the voices and the weapon sound. They are both simply perfect as they have almost always been with worms games. You will definitely be hearing the snide remarks you have always heard as well as the fabulous sound effects for weapons. Hearing a sheep bouncing towards someone to explode always brought a smile to my face.

Worms Clan Wars is available on steam and is a great buy for almost everyone! If you have friends that are playing it or that will play it it will make the game ten times better to mow other clans down with friends. If not, just head into one of the communities and find some like minded people to play with. The game currently costs $24.99 and is definitely worth the money.

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