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Nuclear Outrun

5.7 Overall Score
Graphics: 6/10
Story: 3/10
Sound: 4/10

Game that Kids will enjoy

Overly Repetitive | Not a new idea

Game Info

GAME NAME: Nuclear Outrun

DEVELOPER(S): Gamenauts, Nerdook Productions and Nightspade

PUBLISHER(S): Gamenauts

GENRE(S): Side Scroller

RELEASE DATE(S): July 18, 2013

Nuclear Outrun is an iOS drive as far as you can while shooting zombies game. You have to get as far as you can before a nuclear bomb decimates a city. Along the route you can pick up coins and new survivors to add to your crew. Each survivor will then add different abilities to your car. There are quite a few vehicles and survivors so there are a bunch of combinations to get the best distance.

Zombies litter the trail as you try to escape the nuclear blast. You will need to keep your shooting consistent to clear your pathway because each time you get a multi-kill you will receive a smidgen of extra time to escape.

The game is very simple and not much to it other than escaping a nuclear blast and rescuing survivors. It gets rather repetitive without much reward for your escaping skills.

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