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Halo 4 Champions Bundle

8.6 Overall Score
Content: 9/10
Value: 7/10
Fun: 9/10

Pitfall | Nostalgic Weapon Skins | Excellent Armor Sets and Bonuses | Map Design

Only One Theme for Steel Pack | Just Two Maps

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DEVELOPER(S): 343 industries, Certain Affinity

PUBLISHER(S): Microsoft

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Shooter

RELEASE DATE(S): November 6th 2012

After seeing the release of 3 map packs and the whole season of Spartan Ops, we may assume that Halo 4 is complete as we head towards the launch of the Xbox One. But what’s this? The new DLC has arrived for this game?
It actually comes in three packs, offering new maps, new armor, and new weapon skins.

Along with exclusive access to its new esports-friendly mode ‘Ricochet’, it’s a question of whenever ‘Champions Bundle’ will add new life to Halo 4.

The Champions Bundle is a collection of packs that add new content for Halo 4, which can be sold as separate packs or as a bundle for 800 MSP / £6.85 / $10. I think you may want to go for the whole package, and it’s not just for the 160 MSP saving.

The main part of the collection is the ‘Bullseye’ pack, which contains the faithful remake of Halo 3’s The Pit, named ‘Pitfall’, and an all-new asymmetrical map ‘Vertigo’. It also comes with early access to the new mode ‘Ricochet’, two weeks before its available to all players, as well as new sporty armor (of the same name) to go with it.

The other packs include ‘The Infinity Armor’, which returns the classic ‘Mark V’ and ‘ODST’ sets, as well as a new and unusual ‘Prefect’ armor. And there’s ‘Steel Pack’, which gives out 10 steampunk-inspired skins to the loadout weapons. The latter seems to focus on one theme, and it would’ve been lovely to see more themes for different skins. Otherwise, all of them looked smashing, as weapon skins ooze nostalgia (especially with wooden handles) and the suits are wonderfully made. There’s a bonus too that if anyone buys the full bundle, then they will get more weapon skins, a series of entertaining stances for the player card, and some variants for armor (including Venator). That’s not bad for the bundle that costs as little as $10, why separate it into different packs?

 halo4CBScreen01 halo4CBScreen02

As for the maps, there are only 2 there, which is half of what each map pack contains for CoD Black Ops 2. However, it’s the quality that matters and Pitfall is definitely the strong reason to get this bundle. It wonderfully remade the entire map, especially that it got the right great paths and the right great levels; just a few nip and tucks to make it more awesome, as well as the new shortcut between the floors of the communication base; you know, the one with the energy sword pickup?

Pitfall is also the premier map for ‘Ricochet’, where players score points by taking the ball over to the enemies’ goal area, like football. The mode is a lot of fun to play, as its fast and anyone can try to throw balls over to the goal for easy points. However, Pitfall does feel like a perfect match for it, because it has some good areas to throw the ball from, as well as obstructions restricting the players from scoring cheap goals. For those reasons, Pitfall is now one of the best maps made for Halo 4.

Oh yes, there’s another map called ‘Vertigo’. It’s a multiplayer map that features a lot of open and enclosed areas, suitable for slayer, king of the hill and extraction game types. It’s well made, as it’s rugged and provides many places to take cover. The most interesting part of the map is that it comes with bases, that if someone shoots the reactor point at one of their sides, one of them will electrocute and take out shields of all residing players there. It’s really a good map to play on, and often a good break from a lot of ricochet matches at Pitfall.

While there is a lot of content to be found in the Champions Bundle of Halo 4, it could do with a few more, including 1 or 2 maps. But the wonderful design of maps, wacky steampunk skins, and the loveable armour sets are enough to warrant a purchase from any halo 4 player. If you’re interested in Ricochet or any of its content, then buy the whole bundle and you will enjoy every bit of it.

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