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Anno Online

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Anno Online



PLATFORM(S): Web Browser

GENRE(S): Simulation



Anno Online is a free to play web browser strategy game developed by BlueByte and published by Ubisoft. It is based off the Anno game series and provides a free way for people to enjoy the same type of gameplay involved in those games. Gameplay is reminiscent of some old school RTS’s like Age of Empires and other simulation games like SimCity

The game is about building up and expanding your empire and building resources. How big can you get your city to be? That is truly the question. Your townspeople will have basic needs you need to have fulfilled to keep them happy and to keep everything moving and growing. On top of that you constantly need to be exploring to open up new land to build in. The system is that of a basic city simulation.

There are many buildings to build that will all function differently and provide different needs for your people. The current guild system opens up gameplay a bit as you and 25 others can band together to share resources and even trade with other guilds. This resource was just recently added so we can expect many more resources and features to be added to the game as it continues.

The game can be found at Anno Online , so be sure to head over there to check it out.

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