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Sonic Lost World receives Yoshi’s Island DLC

[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Sonic Lost World” developers=”Sonic Team” publishers=”SEGA” platforms=”Wii U. Also on 3DS” genres=”Platformer”  release_date=”Europe: 18th October 2013, NA: 29th October 2013″]

Fans are getting closer to their dream Mario and Sonic platforming crossover (well, maybe?), as Sonic Lost World receives a ‘very special’ DLC based on Yoshi’s Island. This has been announced from the today’s Nintendo Direct.

Available for free from the Nintendo eShop, this downloadable content will add a new level to the game, as Sonic aims to collect Yoshi eggs and race to the goal in a Nintendo-themed world.

The whole level is represented via a 2D perspective and feature Sonic-based gameplay, but it features coins, shy guys, piranha plants and pipes, as well as the art theme inspired by the ‘Yoshi’s Island’ series. It has a few challenges for you to complete but make sure that you fully enjoy playing it, as the level will disappear from the world map on completion, until another 100,000 score points has been earned to the overall score.

This level requires the latest ‘version 3′ patch, which gives 9 lives for each game over reached, an extra live for every 100 rings collected, and some other gameplay-balancing fixes.

Nintendo has teased that Sonic Lost World will receive a Zelda-themed level in the following weeks or months.


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