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[E3] 10 Hidden Gems of E3 2013

E3 2013 is now over and we have witnessed all the games on the show. Last Time we went through 10 games, each with a potential of becoming video gaming classics (click here to see list).

For the next list, we chose the games that deserve some attention from the crowd. From kid’s games to overlooked smash hits, this range will cover the titles that you may have almost missed during the whole coverage.


1.  Ducktales Remastered

Especially with the playable booth demo and voiceovers of the original TV Series cast, Ducktales Remastered is currently a hot downloadable title at E3. It’s a wonderful HD remake of Capcom’s NES classic which inspired millions, including top game developers. It takes its winning-formula gameplay and combines it with impressive animations and graphics. It’s going to be released this summer, and gamers around the world are already excited to play this game!


2.  The Major Quest for Epic Loot

It’s another MMO, except it has its funny trailer shown at the Ubisoft conference, which does indicate some promise. This new game comes with not only hack ‘n’ slash gameplay, but also the ability for players to build their own dungeons; it’s a premise that sounds good on paper. It’s currently on beta and has already attracted some players in, so hopefully it will turn into a top time-waster once it enters into an official release state.


3.  The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds

It’s a pity that the E3 special of Nintendo Direct didn’t mention various future 3DS releases, including this new Zelda game ‘A Link between Worlds’. It’s a sequel to what many fans claim as their best Zelda game ever made – ‘A Link to the Past’ (the rest would pick Orcania of Time). It returns to the classic top-down gameplay, combined with impressive cross-floor graphics and abilities, including one that lets Link turn into a drawing and scale across cliffs. Nintendo has promised that it will take advantage of the stereoscopic 3D display, which may lead to some dazzling effects. Because it’s going to be as good as the SNES original, ‘The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds’ is likely to be one of the games that even I might buy for my 3DS *cough*XL*cough*.


4.  Pikmin 3

Apart from the Gamecube remakes for the Wii, there has not been a single new Pikmin game in almost 9 years. So seeing Pikmin 3 landing on the Wii U this year, is always a pleasant sight to behold. It’s going to feature the classic gameplay of commanding pikmin to destroy obstacles, collecting fruits, and taking down enemies before they eat them. There’s also some new features including 3-player co-op, 2 new types of Pikmin – rock and winged – and using the Wii U gamepad to see the map. It only has a brief mention in the E3 special of Nintendo Direct, but as the latest trailer shows, it’s going to be a lush and stunning experience that Wii U owners can certainly benefit from.


5.  Thief

There may be some oblivious titles on this year’s E3, but you can’t be an expert of this event without knowing about ‘Thief’. While they are not advertising their mobile Deus Ex game, Eidos Montreal is busy building the reboot of the classic PC game. It’s going to feature the winning Stealth formula of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, along with the ability to trick and pickpocket guards, and some tools including the cult-favourite rope arrow. More exciting is that it’s coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2014, which is not long before we hit the murky streets and loot gold the smart way again.


6.  Shovel Knight

What’s mentioned in the E3 special of Nintendo Direct is still an E3 game. But either way, Shovel Knight is still an exciting game to watch out for. It received 4 times the funding goal on Kickstarter and even attracted legends, including Manami Matsumae, the original music composer of Mega Man! Players can use the Knight’s shovel to bounce on things, dig treasure up, and hit enemies with; it may sound absurd, but it’s a key ingredient to some incredible 8-bit gameplay. Yacht Club Games is aiming to release their game later this year, and it will be released on PC/Steam, 3DS, and Wii U. Check out this Game Grumps special, in which Arin and Jon plays this game.


7.  Oddworld: New and Tasty

The PSOne classic ‘Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee’ gets a magical 3D makeover in Oddworld: New and Tasty, coming out within the next year. It’s being made in a Unity engine, which combines the fun and music of Oddworld, with the innovative gameplay that many people have enjoyed and cherished many years ago. With the exception of HD remakes, the last Oddworld title ‘Stranger’s Wrath’ was released in 2005, causing the fans to miss this remarkable series. So with the sight of New and Tasty, it’s going to be highly welcomed by various gamers, and if it makes a success, then we might see more Oddworld games.


8.  Rayman Legends

For what it is going to be a Wii U exclusive, turns out to be a multi-platform game, which happens to be delayed by one year. But it looks like Ubisoft have certainly made use of their extra development time, judging from the game’s E3 trailer. While it managed to keep its vastly improved graphics engine, Rayman Legends displayed some stunning environments, along with spectacular boss battles, new levels, and competitive multiplayer mini games. Rayman Origins is a fantastic game to play, and it has been featured on various platforms from Xbox 360, to the 3DS. It’s a question on whenever the Wii U version may feature some exclusive content – including figure scanning via gamepad – but otherwise we’ll find out if the whole game was really worth the wait, as it’s coming out this August.


9.  Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare

Along with Plants Vs Zombies 2, comes this unusual Xbox One exclusive, akin to ‘Worms 3D’. Garden Warfare is more of a 3D third person shooter, which involves players shooting zombies (as plants) and working with other partners online. It allows anyone to place plants on the 3D level, which serves as neat little assists. However, with a silly range of weird Zombie types, and each playable plant with unique weapons and abilities, it’s likely to end up as an enjoyable kids game. But if it’s going to put an energetic spin on the Plants vs Zombies formula and make it more challenging and fun, then this is going to be a cult classic for all ages.


10. Pokemon X and Y

If there is an award for showing the most trailers during E3 2013, then this game will most definitely be its nominee. It’s likely to be overshadowed by a flood of explosive games releasing this fall, but if you’re still interested in this game, then you’re going to be amazed by the game’s list of hot new features. It’s also the first full-3D pokemon adventure, featuring a beautiful environment to explore in, as well as new monsters and some stunning battle effects. Hopefully Pokemon X and Y will build upon the impressive Black and White versions, when it comes out for the 3DS this October.


The next – and possibly the last – will feature the top games of E3 2013, so stay tuned with Dunham Gaming!



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