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Animal Crossing New Leaf: First Impressions

[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Animal Crossing New Leaf” developers=”Nintendo” publishers=”Nintendo” platforms=”Nintendo 3DS” genres=”Simulation” release_date=”June 9th, 2013″]

Have you ever wanted to run your own town? Live with a huge assortment of different animals? Well once again you can! Animal crossing has returned with its newest iteration, New Leaf. This version turns the tables on you and not only do you live in the town as the only “human”, but you also are the new mayor of the town. It is your job to creatively improve the town and befriend all of the citizens.

The new gameplay elements from being mayor seem to add a very big change to the game. You are able to, once earning a permit, to add public works to your town. These can add anything from new bridges to improving buildings or even adding them. You cannot do this from the start and have to earn the right to do so by gaining 100% Animal-Crossing-New-Leaf-1approval from the fellow citizens of your town. This is easily done by communicating with them, keeping the town clean, and selling to Re-Tail (new shop in the game). Once you get 100% approval rating you will be granted the right to start Public Works Projects.

Gameplay as a whole retains the fun interaction with all of the different towns folks and their silly requests. You can still fish, bug hunt, and dig up fossils as well as donate everything you find to the museum. They have added swimming to the game, however you cannot do this until you have received the wet suit.

Music and graphics have seemingly remained unchanged as far as the style but are definitely a higher definition than previous versions. So far I have not unlocked K.K. Slider so I have not heard his new mixes as of yet.

Stay tuned for our complete review on Animal Crossing New Leaf in the next couple of weeks!

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