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Mobile RPG ‘Fantasica’ reaches 4 Million Users

[gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Fastasica” developers=”Silicon Studio” publishers=”Mobage” platforms=”Android, iOS” genres=”RPG”  release_date=”July 2012″]

Almost in time for their 1st year anniversary, Silicon Studio’s ‘Fantasica’ has achieved a milestone of 4 million users worldwide.

It arrived on Android and iOS devices last year, and it has received acclaims from several gamers for its wonderful blend of art, music and gameplay. It also features the award-winning Art Style by Hideo Minaba, the famous art director of Final Fantasy.

CEO of Silicon Studio, Takehiko Terada, has welcomed the news. “It is truly an accomplishment to hit over 4 million downloads” said Terada, “Fantasica is a stunning game with highly addictive gameplay, and it’s amazing to see so many people are enjoying it.”

Because of the wonderful news and the game reaching its one-year anniversary, Silicon Studio is readying a special in-game event to celebrate their accomplishments. Players who are interested in that event should stay tuned for the news, as well as new adventures and opportunities in the game.

Fantasica is an acclaimed card-collecting RPG, with battles, customisation, and tower-defense mechanics. It’s developed by Silicon Studio, who worked on the game ‘Bravely Default’ and the new engine ‘YEBIS 2′, which is currently featured in the forthcoming next-gen game ‘Final Fantasy XV’. It’s available to download for free worldwide via Google Play and iOS App Stores.



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