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By phoenixfire2912, April 5, 2014 0 We Game

On this week’s episode of We Game, we’re casting aside our controllers and making room for dice, phones, and keyboards!  Join us tonight as we point out some games that are great and some that tanked, but above all, don’t… Read More »

By phoenixfire2912, April 5, 2014 0 16 Bit Assassins

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time once again, that’s right, it’s the 16Bit Assassins hour long spectacular. On this episode we alleviate Diablo 3 fan’s fears that will never see it on Xbox One, Toaster goes off on the internet… Read More »

By phoenixfire2912, March 16, 2014 0 We Game

Thanks for crawling back for another episode of We Game, Therefore We Are!  Tonight’s episode is brought to you by the letter S and the letter G.  Also by Strategy Guides and other helpful, cheating, how-tos!  Tonight we talk about… Read More »

By Players and Deavors, March 16, 2014 0 Players and Deavors

Ever wonder what makes a game a game? How about why Gone Home and Dear Esther do not seem to fit into the standard definition of what a game is? This week Dustin and Blake attempt to tackle this issue… Read More »

By phoenixfire2912, March 15, 2014 0 We Game

Episode 3 of the We Game, Therefore We Are podcast is upon us! Today we are focusing our attention on RPGs! Table Top vs. Video Games.  Polish up your d20s and get the “hair gel” off your keyboard.  We’re talking… Read More »