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By PlatformerProper, April 16, 2014 0 PC, PS3, Wii U, XBox One

Toxic Games, founded by the graduates from a British university, have today announced the Director’s Cut version of their dissertation project Q.U.B.E. It has been seen as a Wii U title for many months. This game will come with the original… Read More »

By Chris Dunham, April 15, 2014 0 PC, PS4, XBox One

We are back from PAX and for anyone that missed out, you definitely missed out on the greatness that was EVOLVE. If you were ever a Left 4 Dead fan you will love this game from every premise. We got… Read More »

By PlatformerProper, March 17, 2014 1 PS4, XBox One

You may not have to wait ages for the next-gen versions of Minecraft to come, as it will arrive on Xbox One and PS4 very soon. 4J Studios – the developers behind the console versions – are giving out teasers… Read More »

By phoenixfire2912, March 17, 2014 0 PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox 360, XBox One

We’ve got some pretty good releases for you this week. A cyborg ninja rises from the dead, slaughtering hordes of twisted zombies in his quest for vengeance in this collaborative new franchise from famed developers Team Ninja and Keiji Inafune…. Read More »

By Chris Dunham, March 4, 2014 0 PC, PS4, XBox One

Batman returns to make what is believed to be his final stand for the Arkham game series. The Scarecrow has gathered together many of the members of Batman’s gallery of Rogues to bring the Bat down. From the trailer we… Read More »