Dunham Gaming Joins Competitive Hearthstone

Thu 3rd Mar 2016 - 12:39am Gaming

Dunham Gaming is proud to announce our official venture into competitive Hearthstone. We have decided this as our next plan of action outside of Super Smash Bros. and the fighting game community. We feel this adventure will prove both fruitful and exciting as we continue to grow. 

With a new venture comes new faces and we have added DrJikininki (Jace) to our competitive roster to begin our Hearthstone Team. Jace brings a strong knowledge of the game and a strong competitive nature. Currently Jace is sitting strong this season with 2 World Championship points and continues to impress us with his play and tournament entries. 

We look forward to the growth and development of the Hearthstone Team as well as Jace's individual growth within the orginization.



Chris Dunham

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