Dunham Gaming

About Us

We at Dunham Gaming look to bring you the best quality service no matter what the project is. Even if it is just gaming news we will be bringing it to you at the highest of qualities.

Live Streaming
Do you have an event or simple get together that you want to have streamed for the masses to see? Or are you an indie developer looking to get the word out on your game? Live streaming is one of the best possible media outlets now to share information. Your game/idea can be shared to a wide audience without the need to get up and travel to that audience. Our streaming setup provides full 720p visual and high quality sound to bring your product out in the highest light. We can either come to you or you can provide us with your product to stream.

Video Production
We can also help you build a marketing campaign or help you indulge yourself through videos. We can record the video footage needed or take your footage and clean it up and help create a very presentable video to help market yourself or your product. ” thats all i have for video production

Podcast Production
If you want to get your voice out and heard we can help you there as well. We can help you set up at events with high quality equipment to run your podcast and ease the work load on you. We can also help you startup and host your podcast so that your voice will be heard by the masses.

We also offer our expert opinions on any of the above items and more. Our minds can be used to help you build up your own stream or podcast.

Over time our equipment will change and more opportunities will become available. If you would like to contact us about any of our services please do so and we can chat about your needs and how we can fill them