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By PlatformerProper, August 23, 2013 0 Xbox 360

News has just came out of the blue that 4J Studios, developers of the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft, have announced that its 12th title update has just been released! It will be downloaded to your Xbox 360 console as soon… Read More »

By Chris Dunham, August 22, 2013 0 Nintendo 3DS, Wii U

This week’s Nintendo Download includes: Wii U Phineas and Ferb: Quest for Cool Stuff (8/27) - There’s a whole lot of stuff to do during the last week of summer vacation and Phineas and Ferb want to do it all! Join… Read More »

By Chris Dunham, August 21, 2013 0 PC

Hey guys, have you been looking  for any new indie games to check out? If you have the time you should head over to the Sword ‘N’ Board Kickstarter and check out this new game. Sword ‘N’ Board is a top… Read More »

By PlatformerProper, August 20, 2013 0 PS3, PS4, Vita

UPDATE: 4J Studios have confirmed that they will be developing the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita versions of Minecraft, alongside Xbox development.   Sony has announced at their Gamescom conference that Minecraft will be heading to PS4 soon. No details… Read More »

By toaster, August 19, 2013 0 16 Bit Assassins

Well ladies and gent’s it’s Episode 55, and on this episode we are joined by Boston Festival of Indie games Co-producer and Design Dan Silvers, because we missed him. On this episode we check in on Dan, and Boston FIG,… Read More »